All of us have heard the news of the terrorist attacks on Paris a couple nights ago.  Any decent human being would be angered and saddened at what took place there.  Many folks on my FB list have changed their profile picture to reflect the French flag, but some of us have not, for probably differing reasons.  Myself, personally, don’t feel the need to express my emotions by changing my profile picture.  It doesn’t mean that I don’t care about what happened.  I do.  I care because I see our country being attacked from within even now.  Apparently, we have seen an influx of many so-called Syrian “refugees” come in and our government is in the process of speeding things up so that MORE can come in.

But I read a post by Dr. James White of the Alpha Omega Ministries about how he, too, wasn’t getting caught up in the emotionalism and changing his picture to the French flag because he wants to address this tragedy through the Christian worldview.  You see, as he and one other person noted on this particular post, the French people, by and large, do not care about following God, they do not care about God’s law, or doing God’s will.  That’s not to say there aren’t any people in France who aren’t Christian, but I would assume they’re in the minority.  I’m sure many hundreds of years ago, France could have called herself a Christian nation.  The Protestant Reformer, John Calvin, was French.  But, as one FB poster commented on Dr. James White’s post, the French consider religious people stupid and imbeciles.  She said that when she goes back to France, she is even made fun of by her own family, but she refrains from talking back because to her, it would be denying who she is in Christ if she were to do so.

I believe these attacks are a result of the country of France turning it’s back on God.  We read in God’s Word how the nation of Israel had turned away from God and turned to idols and in response, God took his hand of protection away from her.  God allowed neighboring, rival kingdoms to overtake Israel and in many cases, the people were taken into captivity for a period of time before they realized how theIr turning away caused the mess they were in.  Once they repented and turned away from idols and back to God, He allowed them to overthrow their enemies and come out of captivity.

America is going down this same path at breakneck speed.  People don’t view Christians with respect anymore, but how can they when many professing Christians don’t look any different than those who DON’T profess Christ.  We’ve stood by silent for too long and have let the world take over.  But, I believe everything is still in God’s Sovereign control.  If we want to see our nation turned back to God and the enemies of our God destroyed, we must earnestly pray for ourselves and our country.  We can’t do it in our own power.  It will only come from God.

We must still pray for the people of France.  Maybe this tragedy will be the catalyst that brings the country to it’s knees in repentance and back to God.


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