The Chaos of Christmas

As I have gotten older, I have come to despise the plethora of “Christmas” or “holiday” movies that are put out each year.  I began seeing previews of the newest movie called “Love, The Coopers” and I thought, “well, here we go again.  Another Christmas movie.”  I began wondering to myself what it is about these movies that I can’t stand and I thought about all the movies in the past like “Home Alone” (which, by the way, I do like) and “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” (which I despise…and don’t get me started on “A Christmas Story”!!) and the one thing I see in these two movies, along with others, which I can’t name because I never watched them but had seen advertised, is there is always a sense of CHAOS!  As far as Christmas specials/movies are concerned, I will watch “Home Alone” (first one only), “Polar Express”, “A Christmas Carol” and “Charlie Brown’s Christmas”.  That’s it.  Forget about those cheesy, romantic Christmas movies, I am NOT a chick flick watcher.  Movies like that make me want to puke (well, except for “While You Were Sleeping” with Sandra Bullock.  I like that one).

Anyway, I cannot make myself watch these movies because I don’t like the sense of chaos that they portray.  It’s no wonder many people don’t like this time of year.  Go here, go there, attend this family gathering, then go to that family gathering, go shopping, go to the company Christmas party, attend the your church’s Christmas program, AND if you have kids or grandkids, go to their school and/or church Christmas programs.  It’s just TOO much!!!  Whenever I think of Christmas, one of the songs that comes to mind is “Silent Night” and one of the lines in that song is “all is calm”.  The way things are these days, there is nothing calm about Christmas anymore.  Right now, I’m thankful that I attend a small church where we have NO Christmas program because then I’d be in the choir, having to attend SEVERAL practices and a dress rehearsal all leading up to the big production.  I just don’t understand why we have to make this time of year so hectic.  We have become such a busy and materialistic society that we can’t even enjoy what we’re celebrating and that is the birth of Jesus Christ.  We’re too busy buying STUFF that may or may not be liked or enjoyed by the person we’re buying it for so there’s the stress of trying to pick out the RIGHT gift.  “Whose family gathering are we going to attend this year?”  “We went to your family’s last year, this year it’s my family’s turn!”  “We have choir rehearsal at church next week but that’s the same day as my family’s Christmas dinner.”  “What can I buy Aunt Carol this year?”  “Uncle George is so hard to buy for I guess I’ll get him another tie.”  STRESS, STRESS, STRESS!!

I just want a calm, stress-free month where I can enjoy being at home, on my couch wrapped up in a blanket, eating popcorn and drinking hot chocolate, and watching my favorite holiday movies and not having to worry about going here and there and everywhere.


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