A Needy Jesus

Lion of JudahWe’ve all seen the old paintings of Jesus where He looks pale and frail.  While it’s true that He says of himself in Matthew 11:29 that He is “meek and lowly of heart”, that doesn’t or rather SHOULDN’T translate to how He is portrayed in art.  But, it’s easy to see why people view him that way because meekness is mistaken for weakness.  Newer translations us the words “gentle and humble”.  Biblical meekness is defined as “power under control”, but I’m veering off on another rabbit trail here so I want to get back to the point of my blog.

Over the decades it seems as if Jesus has been diminished to a “needy” boyfriend.  If you listen to some of the music put out by some so-called “Christian” worship bands, you’d think that someone is singing about their boyfriend and not the Savior and Creator of the universe.  Some of these songs really make me cringe.  It’s disgusting.

And how about the way pastors portray Jesus.  The way they stand in front of their congregation and plead with them to “just open the door of your heart and let Him in” makes it seem as if Jesus is standing off in a corner, wringing His hands thinking, “Oh, please, let me come in and be your Savior and Lord.”  The song “The Savior Is Waiting” is one of those songs that was definitely written by someone who had that view in mind when they penned it.  If you want to know what Jesus is really like, listen to a men’s choir sing “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God!”.  That is the Jesus that needs to be preached about in our churches, not the hipster-looking, wimpy,needy Jesus.  Or the surfer-looking Jesus portrayed in Roma Downey’s mini-series “The Bible”.  Or the pale and frail Jesus portrayed in paintings from centuries past.  According to the Book of Revelation, Jesus is the Lion of the Tribe of Judah and He will return riding a white horse carrying a sword ready to strike down His enemies.  That doesn’t sound like a wimpy, needy Jesus to me.

Pastors/teachers, stop preaching a needy Jesus, and start preaching a strong, mighty, powerful Jesus who is coming back in great glory to destroy evil and usher in His Kingdom.  If you want to hear a great sermon on this particular subject, look up Voddie Baucham, Jr’s video on YouTube called “A Sissified, Needy Jesus”.  He really drives home the point about how the church has diminished the view of Jesus and how we need to get back to who He truly is.


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