So, I was listening to Jeff Durbin on his Apologia Radio podcast and they were discussing the upcoming presidential election and how both candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, are God’s judgment on our country.  I do agree with them.  Either one of them would be disastrous for our country.  But, Jeff went on to say that many of the voters are looking to government to fix the problems with our country, when in actuality, the solution to our problems need to start at the local level, not us looking to the federal government to be our “saviors”.

When you think about it, that’s true.  If we, as a country, want to see things get better, we must not look to our government leaders as the ones who need to fix our problems.  If we want to see a positive change, if we want to see our country return to godly principles such as “love thy neighbor”, then that work needs to start right where we are.  If we want to improve the lives of those in our communities, then our focus needs to be local, not federal.

We Christians are the worst for complaining about how things are in our world, but yet, we’re the ones sitting back with our arms folded demanding the government to fix this mess.  We’re in this mess, in my opinion, because the church has failed to step up and be the light on the hill to our communities.  Churches have their attention focused on overseas missions while our local communities are falling apart.  I’m not saying foreign missions are bad, but sadly, our own country is becoming a large mission field in itself.  While we are sending missionaries to other countries, other countries are sending missionaries to us.  Our communities are filled with people who are hungry, not only physically, but spiritually.  But many churches don’t bother to reach out and fill the physical or spiritual needs of their communities.

What are churches to do?  I guess that depends on the needs present in the community the church is in.  Those needs vary from one neighborhood to the other.  Churches must take a serious look at what is going on in it’s present location and identify the needs that they must address and devise a plan to meet those needs.  It may be necessary for churches to work together in unison to accomplish their goals.  But, can you just imagine what would happen if churches started working in their communities by helping to meet the needs of their neighbors and seeing many come to Christ and then it all ripples out to other communities until we see that change we so desperately wanted to see.  And it wasn’t done by our corrupt government.  It was done by a few people in a tiny church (or a large church) and we see a tidal wave of changed hearts and lives.  And all it took was a few people taking the love of Christ to those in our community.  Not everyone will be receptive to our kindness and generosity, but it’s not for us to decide who we show that to.  We just do it.  And if we’re turned away, then so be it.  But, we just do it and let God do the work through us.  We obey and we get to witness the work of God in our community, city, county, state, and nation.

So……where and when do we start?


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