“I form the light, and create darkness:  I make peace, and create evil:  I the LORD do all these things” Isaiah 45:7 (KJV).

God isn’t looking down upon the chaos in our world and freaking out over what’s going on.  He didn’t create the universe and mankind just to sit back and let us have run of the place.  God is Sovereign, which means He has total, complete control over EVERYTHING that is happening.  I mean, that’s why He’s God, right?

Romans 8:28 says that ALL things work together for GOOD to them who love God, who are called according to His purpose.  HIS……PURPOSE!!  EVERYTHING that is going on in our world from the time He put Adam and Eve in the garden until present time has all been according to His will and plan for HIS glory, not ours.  God doesn’t cater to mankind.  Mankind is working to bring about God’s will and purpose.  He even has satan on a leash.  The devil can’t do anything more than what God allows him to.  Read Job 1 and you will see what I mean.  Satan goes before God to get permission to tempt job and God tells him he can only go so far but he cannot touch Job.  And that’s exactly how it played out.

Everyone, whether Christian or not, all play a part in bringing about God’s plans.  Even the staunchest atheist or the most devout Satanist can be used by God in some way at anytime to bring about God’s purpose.  Why?  Because He’s God, that’s why.

People may assume that the reason that evil is so rampant these days is because either God is asleep, God is weak, or God doesn’t care.  But the one thing they don’t assume is that God is controlling it ALL!!!  Isaiah 45:7 says, “I form the light, and create darkness:  I make peace, and create evil:  I the LORD do all these things” (KJV).  They have not been taught these things because they have bought into the false notion that God is some grandfatherly figure sitting up in Heaven wishing His grandchildren would just “play nice” with one another.

How can He do that?  Why does He allow all this evil to run rampant in our world?  Remember……God is Creator.  He is the Potter and He has control over the clay.  He’s running the show, not us.  And…..because He’s God, that’s why.


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