Many times you hear of famous celebrities coming out and professing to be Christian.  Now, there are those that do whose lives exhibit the fruit of a believer.  But, there are others who are doubtful.  Just because a famous celebrity proclaims to be a Christian, if his/her beliefs go against what Scripture says, I would say that their faith should be in question.  The Bible is VERY clear about how we are to live.  God did not give us suggestions or guidelines.  He gave us commands.

The church has become too lax in its discernment.  They think that just because a celebrity professes to be a Christian, but they compromise here or there, then they get a free pass.  Those “free passes” are weakening the church and its influence within the culture.  The church is to be set apart from the world.  The Bible says that we are a peculiar people, but here lately, we can’t tell the difference from true Believers and the fakes anymore.  You can slap the label “Christian” on anything these days, put in a Christian bookstore and people will buy it up.  Put Bible verses on a small tin of candy and “Hey, look!!  Christian candy!!!”  Give me a break!

It’s the same with celebrities, whether actors/actresses, or musicians/singers.  The label “Christian” is losing its meaning these days.  Professing “Christians” who compromise on what the Bible CLEARLY states is a sin, are a danger to the church.  They are the ones that the Book of Jude said “crept in unaware”.  The problem people have is that they don’t want to be accused of being judgmental.  This is a classic case of taking verses out of context.  If God expects Christians to be DIFFERENT from the world; if He expects us to NOT CONFORM to the ways of this world, then we ARE to be judgmental because our LACK of judgment is causing the church to look too much like the world.  Would you allow someone who openly practices witchcraft and publicly declares that they take part in child molestation to be a member of your church?  No, you wouldn’t and by NOT allowing them into your church, you are practicing judgment.  GOOD judgment.  Remember all the hoopla about the Catholic Priests and the young children who were molested by them?  If the RCC had practiced good judgment, they would have ousted those priests and had them arrested.  And that is why the world doesn’t have any respect for the church anymore.  We allow so called “Christians” to speak their beliefs without so much as holding them accountable for them.  If we aren’t going to stand up boldly for our beliefs, then we are nothing more than imposters and our profession of faith is a joke.  The Bible says we would be hated and persecuted for our beliefs.  I’m guessing it would be detrimental to a celebrity’s career if they took a bold stand for what they believe and not compromise.  They have to make a decision:  do they stand up for what the Bible says and please God, or do they compromise for the praise of man?

It’s time the church stop giving people “free passes” just because they say they’re Christian but their beliefs and how they live don’t line up with Scripture.  We have to stop blending in with the culture and start being different than the culture.  We have to set ourselves apart because, if we don’t, then no one will see the difference that Jesus makes in a person’s life.  If they can’t see a difference, then they would see no need for Him in their own life.