Change is inevitable.  Some change is good.  Some change is not so good.  Some change is painful in that we may go through periods of doubt, uncertainty, and fear before real change is brought about and in the end we see that the change was good, but it sure hurt getting there.

We see changes in circumstances or changes in people.  Which ever the case may be, we know that for us who are believers in Christ, any and all change we experience is for our benefit.  But it is never promised that it would all be easy.

This is where our trust in God needs to be revealed.  We may go through times of doubt in our job situation, or we may experience a health crisis, or we experience a devastating loss through natural disasters or some other means.  In and through all of this, we must keep our trust in God knowing that He will get us through whatever changes come our way.  He will never abandon us.

A dear friend of mine posted this sermon series on Trusting God.  I’ve only heard the first sermon, but I hope the next ones are just as good as the first.

Trusting God Series, Pastor Don Green, Truth Community Church, Cinncinnati, OH



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